Perfect Escape from the College Bubble: Looking Glass Cafe, Carrboro


Go to Looking Glass Cafe if you need a little isolation from the action.

Chapel Hill can be an intimidating bubble of books, bars, libraries and way too many ambitious 20-somethings. Sometimes I need an escape. I love finding places like The Looking Glass to fill that need.

Walking in the doors at the cafe off of West Main Street in Carrboro immediately generates a positive mood, and the locally owned shop provides a calm place to get work done or a homey place to relax with friends.


There are couches, tables and chairs, and outdoor seating. If you need a break from work or studies, there’s a game room complete with board games and a pool table.

This is where I go to take a step back, drink a cup of coffee and eat a bagel. It’s where I go to watch life outside the windows continue without me.


The coffee shop’s menu offers Fair Trade and organic, locally roasted coffee and espresso, and teas. They also sell beer and wine, sandwiches, pastries and desserts.

Next time you walk into Starbucks or Panera on Franklin Street, overwhelmed with school work and responsibility, take the short trip to Looking Glass Cafe. It’s just a few blocks away from college world. I promise there will be more available seats, & fewer students with whom to compare stress levels at this cafe. 

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