Pittsburgh and Primanti Bros.

pitts 5

I visited Pittsburgh in May for a family reunion. We went for a Pirates’ baseball game, and spent the rest of the weekend exploring.  I’m told this view, and the sandwich I’m going to tell you about at Primanti’s are two things you are not allowed to skip when you go to Pittsburgh – a third being a Steelers game, but that wasn’t an option in May.


Seriously though, check out the view from the ballpark. Even folks who don’t like baseball, can appreciate this… almost as much as the friends, family, food, and beer at the tailgate before the game.


I know I usually blog about food in the Triangle, but one of my favorite parts of travelling is the food in new places. So if you ever make it to Pittsburgh, make sure one of your stops is at Primanti Bros.

The restaurant is well-known and boasted about by locals for its famous sandwich. What’s on it? A combination of things you’ve probably never put on a sandwich – at least, not all together. The sandwich comes with your choice of salami, turkey, or roast beef; provolone cheese, coleslaw (vinegar-based, not with mayo for my southern readers), french fries, and tomato; stacked high on Italian bread. The sandwich is just about as big as your head.

pitts 3

Slaw, fries, and meet on one sandwich? Don’t knock it until you try it! It’s delicious. I threw a little tobasco sauce on it, and went to town. YUM.

Primanti’s is a chain restaurant now, with locations all over Pennsylvania, and a few others in West Virginia and Florida. But if you go to Pittsburgh, the locals will demand that you go to the original hole-in-the-wall in the Strip District. It’s on 18th Street.


We only spent a weekend in Pittsburgh, but I’d say we fit a lot into a quick trip. Another fun thing to do is to take one of the inclines up the surrounding mountains. When you get to the top, you see a great view of the city, and the three rivers that run through it. Here’s the link to the Monongahela Incline, and below is a view from the top.

pitts 4

More pictures from our trip:

Family selfie

Family selfie

1 game, 50 relatives

We basically took up a whole section

pitts 2

My favorite brother

Primanti Brothers on Urbanspoon

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